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1 A competitor can participate for a maximum of 4 events (3 track + 1 field or 1 Track + 3 fields or 2 tracks + 2 fields).
2 If an athlete participates in more event than the allotted ones he/she shall be totally disqualified from the competition. The points obtained by them will not be taken into account.
3 Each Department can give only one team for relay, Two competitor and one substitute for rest of the events.
4 Competitors, not reporting at the appointed time, either for selection or for Finals will be disqualified.
5 Individual championship will be determined on the basis of aggregate number of points obtained by an athlete.
(Men and Women separately)
6 For first place 5 pts, second 3 Pts, third 1 pt will be awarded, excluding relay.
7 For relay first place 10 pts, second 6 pts and third 2 pts will be awarded.
8 Only the UG can get over all championship awards. Individual Championship will be given for PG & UG separately.
9 Points scored by women will also be included for overall championship.
10 For overall championship 80% of Track and Field events score and 20% of March past score will be considered.
11 No protest of any kind will be entertained.
12 Athlete must report 30 minutes before the Commencement of the event.
13 No one will be allowed to compete once the event is started.
14 The Athlete should produce his/her ID card at the time of Competition.
15 No Athlete is allowed to participate without number bibs.
16 Departments can make their own arrangements for number bibs.
17 No javelin for practice.
18 18. March Past practice will be on 26-07-2019 at 4.00 PM (both shift I & II ).
19 Event on sports day
For Men -100M,4X200 Relay, High jump or pole vault (5selected numbers).
For Women -100M, 4X200 Relay, shotput (5 selected numbers).
20 Last date for online registration and submission of entry form to physical director’s office with the signature of HOD for UG on or before 10-07-2019 and PG 16-07-2019.